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Yum! Candy and Crunch Pack

Yum! Candy and Crunch Pack

$ 15.99
A great selection of goodies. This kit includes: 2 - Starburst 2 - Skittles 2 - Sour Patch Candy 2 - Doritos Chips 2 - Nabisco Cookie Packs 2 -
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Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (Large)

The ultimate pack to take care of your troop throughout the day. All the favorites for quick and delicious meals. Limited time offer for sale. Send Soon!

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Send Military Care Packages with Troopster!

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Send Military Care Packages with Troopster!

Whether you want to use the services of our veteran-owned, for-profit business, Troopster Military Care Packages, or you prefer to donate to our non-profit, Troopster Donation Corp, a registered 501(c)(3), we’re here to help!


Pick what you want and we'll do the rest!

Simple and easy, send a care package to a loved one serving overseas. Add notes and photos from home to a variety of premade care packages, or create your own from a selection of snack, toiletry and other great items!

Buy Care Packages for Your Loved One in the Military

Our Mission

Our goal is to make the military care package delivery process, from purchase to delivery overseas, as easy and stress-free as possible for families and friends of deployed service members. And, as a sustainable business, we are able to purchase all of our goods at a discounted, wholesale rate, providing families and friends low prices while removing the hassle of packing and shipping in accordance with USPS customs compliance requirements.

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Cracker's & Bars


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Snacker's Pack


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Yum! Candy Pack


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Fruit & Nut Pack


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Don’t Know Anyone in the Military?


Deployed Troops: Request Free Care Packages!
Are you a deployed service member? Would you like a shipment of free military care packages? Request support from Troopster Donation Corp! Register on our site with your APO/FPO shipping address, and we will ensure you receive the care packages you deserve. Thank you for your service, and it’s our pleasure to help!

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Acadia B - sender says...

"It was great! My husband doesn't have to find time to go to the px to get laundry supplies now!"

Zach - deployed troop says...

"I like the idea that families can choose what they want to put in a care package and then send it to you with no extra work. Thank you!"

Susan P  - volunteer says...

"Getting a chance to work with Troopster and to take care of our troops is such a rewarding experience."

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About Troopster

Established in 2015 by Founder, Chelsea Mandello

Troopster was founded Thanksgiving Day 2015, by, then active-duty, US Navy Petty Officer Chelsea Mandello.

Chelsea first had the idea of Troopster while serving as a photojournalist on board her seventh ship, forward-deployed in the Mediterranean to support anti-piracy operations. Chelsea noticed that the few individuals who received care packages were rarely able to use or eat the contents inside. After returning from deployment, she worked tirelessly to develop an easier process for friends and families  to send military care packages. 

As a result, she decided to help not only simplify the tedious task of sending military care packages, but also give an option for those service members without families at home to still receive care packs.

Veteran Owned

Troopster Military Care Packages is a web-based, veteran-owned business where family and friends of deployed service members purchase and personalize military care packages for their loved ones online. 

Looking for Some Great Military Care Package Collections?

You’ve come to the right spot! We’ve used our own military experience and feedback from the thousands of packs we’ve sent overseas to help us compile some outstanding care package collections for military friends and families to send their deployed loved ones. Take a look at some of the awesome themes we’ve put together:

Army PacksNavy PacksAir Force PacksMarine Pack

Subscribe & save!

As veterans ourselves, we know how stressful a deployment can be, both for the service member abroad, and the loved ones back home.

So, Troopster set up a military care package subscription option to make at least one task a little easier. 

  •  Instead of dealing with the hassles of the post office once a month, put support for your deployed loved one on repeat and turn any of our awesome military care packages into monthly subscriptions.
  • When you select this great option on the check-out page, you’ll receive a 10 percent discount!


Sending care packs to your loved ones in the military can be an overwhelming process. Let us help! In our years of experience both receiving and sending packs, we’ve come across some pretty common questions. Please take some time to review our FAQs. And, if there’s an additional question or topic you think we ought to include, please let us know!

Tell us your stories!

We love reading stories about friends and families at home sending military care packages overseas, and about deployed troops receiving them! Do you have a funny or heartwarming story? Send it our way so we can feature it on Troopster’s different social media platforms.

Drop us an e-mail (, or use our “contact us” option. Thanks for sharing!  

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