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Camp Pendleton Living

So what’s Troopster’s connection with Camp Pendleton? Troopster Chief Outreach Officer, Chipp Naylon, served as a Marine aboard Camp Pendleton, deploying as an infantry officer with 1st Battalion, 5th Marines.  With his knowledge of Camp Pendleton and Troopster’s overarching mission of helping military families, we figured we’d pass on some of our base knowledge. Specifically, we hope to educate military families by providing a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about Camp Pendleton.

So What's a Devil Dog?

Looking to support you Devil Dog overseas?  Troopster is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated business that lets friends and families of deployed troops buy, personalize with photos & notes, and send care packages, all from the comfort of your own home! You pick the pack, and we do the rest. Check out our awesome collection of Marine care packages.  

USS Little Rock & Troopster

On December 16th, 2017, the US Navy’s newest vessel, the littoral combat ship (LCS) USS Little Rock was formally commissioned in Buffalo, NY.  Troopster, a veteran-owned business that lets friends and families of deployed service members buy military care packs and personalize them with notes and photos from home on its website, served as an official sponsor for the event.  As a sponsor, Troopster helped underwrite the costs of a week’s worth of commissioning festivities.  

Best Military Blog

As veterans with multiple combat and non-combat deployments, we here at Troopster know that supporting loved ones overseas can be a complex and ever-changing process.  To help people through the process and stay on top of any changes, we decided to incorporate a military blog into our website.  This way, if we learn about anything that impacts friend and family support to troops overseas, we can keep you posted!

Want to Give Back on Memorial Day?

It’s easy to get caught up in the delicious barbeques and beginning of summer festivities associated with Memorial Day.  But, it’s also important to reflect on the sacrifices this holiday commemorates.  While Veterans Day honors all individuals who have served, Memorial Day honors those who have given the last full measure of devotion, dying in service to this great nation.

Looking for a Way to Say Thanks on Veterans Day?

As Veterans Day comes around each November, people start to think about the friends and family members in their lives who have served this great country.  Beyond a “thanks for your service,” what else can you do to support these American heroes on Veterans Day?  At Troopster, we’re here to help.  As a veteran-owned and veteran-operated business, we exist to provide friends and families of both active service members and veterans the easiest way to buy and ship military care packages to the loved ones in your lives.  And, what better time of year than Veterans Day to say “thank you” to the ones who have served?

What is an FPO Address?

For anyone who knows friends and family serving in the military, you’ve likely heard people throw around the term “FPO address” at one time or another.  But what is it?  Is it a normal address, or something different?  Let Troopster help!  We’re a veteran-owned business that provides friends and families a convenient way to buy, personalize, and ship care packages, all from the comfort of your own home!  As such, we live and breathe military mail and can answer all your questions about FPO addresses.  And, to start, the FPO in FPO address stands for “Fleet Post Office,” and it is used to ship letters and packages to Navy installations.    

What is APO Mail?

If you’ve ever had friends or families in the military, you’ve probably asked this question.  Fortunately, Troopster’s here to help!  As a veteran-owned and veteran-operated business specializing in sending personalized care packages to troops overseas, military mail is our business.  The APO in APO mail stands for “Army Post Office,” and this address format is used for shipping items to any Army or Air Force installation.