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There is an abundance of good in this world and the Troopster community is solid evidence of that fact.  When our team regrouped after the inaugural Care Packs 4 Troops holiday event in 2016 we were absolutely blown away by the generosity and participation we received from the community.  In just an hour and a half we were able to pack up 500 donated care packs for deployed service members with the help of a couple hundred of our friends.  Riding the adrenaline rush from that event, we set the lofty goal of 2,000 care packs for 2017. 

We didn't quite make it to the 2k mark at this year's event on November 18 at Topgolf Virginia Beach.  However, we were able to more than double last year's number of packs and send out 1,200!  This is a huge win because at the end of the day, we are here to give back to the community and that's exactly what happened.  It would have never been possible without the outpouring of support and donations from an array of businesses, individuals, churches, and other organizations not only from Hampton Roads, but across the country. 

Topgolf Virginia Beach treated us like royalty and gave our team a fantastic space to hold our event that provided us additional exposure to the community as people walked by to go play a round.  BizConnect Hampton Roads allowed the Troopster Team any and every opportunity to spread the word about our event at meet ups and through vast social media reach. Dozens of businesses collected donations for months ahead of the event. 

Priority Staffing not only collected donations at their location in Chesapeake, but they recruited 15 of their clients to be drop of locations as well.  When their team called us to say they needed to, "unpack the U-Haul" we may have thought they were joking a tiny bit at first; but they were not joking at all.  The Priority Team (and their clients) had legitimately filled 30+ large boxes full of donations!  Amazing!

Our much appreciated local corporate sponsors like OVM Financial, the Virginia Beach Rotary Club and Xerox Corporation sent checks to cover the shipping costs.  Our dedicated volunteers spent hours upon hours preparing, moving hauling boxes, sorting items and spreading the word. 

To make a long story short, there was an absolutely astounding level of generosity, giving and supporting the troops for this year's event and we could not be more grateful.  All of you, any of you who helped in any way, shape or form should know you genuinely have made an incredible impact upon the community.  Thank you, from the very bottom of our humble hearts.  


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 Post by Kaycee McCoy, Create Captivate

 Thanks to other donors go out to:

1.      Krypton Gym

2.      Donald Blount & Associates

3.      Michael Cotter

4.      Ware Insurance

5.      Fincanteri Marine Systems

6.      LPI

7.      Framing Success

8.      BCF

9.      Keefe Group

10.  Boyd Homes

11.  Nitto Denko

12.  Fulton Bank

13.  Frontier Tech

14.  Brunke & Associates

15.  Map Communications

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