Peeps In A Care Pack

Peeps In A Care Pack

Bold Commerce CollaboratorApr 3, '16

At What Temperature Do Peeps Melt? Would Peeps Make it in a care package overseas?

Last weekend was Easter, the holiday of baskets, bunnies and of course PEEPS! As someone who sends care packages all over the world to the military I thought that it would be a good experiment to see just how much a Peep could take and of course if it would make it overseas.

The Experiment

At what temperature will Peeps melt? To find out the answer to this question I placed a row of Peeps on the top rack of my grill. I slowly heated up the grill and at different intervals checked the Peeps after leaving them at that temperature. 

 I placed the Peeps on the top rack of my grill and at 70, 95, 100, etc. in degrees fahrenheit checked to see if the Peeps had either melted or were on the way to melting. What I discovered equally impressed and shocked me. 

At 70 - 95 degrees the Peeps didn't show any difference at all and that was leaving them at that temperature for 15 minutes.

At 100 degrees, sitting for ten minutes the Peeps were warm, but nowhere near melting. 

It wasn't until 150 degrees that the Peeps began to show signs that they were uncomfortable.

At 175 the Peeps when poked with my finger were starting to melt.

I let the grill get all the way up to 200 degrees and they were melty, but not oozing like you would expect chocolate to get. The indestructible Peeps certainly live up to their reputation. 


This was a fun experiment and what I discovered was that Peeps can ABSOLUTELY be sent in a care package and make the journey. I would still recommend that if you are sending a care pack during Spring and Summer months to avoid chocolates or anything else that could disintegrate, but as for Peeps they can be added to the list of "Good-To-Go!"

So there you have it. If you ever would like to send Peeps to your loved one overseas then this mighty and delicious little birdy will more than likely make it. I hope that everyone had a great Easter and if you have a service member that was deployed, like I did, don't worry you aren't alone. 

Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any requests for other items you'd like to know about or if you would like to just comment in general. I love hearing from everyone and thank you again.


Chelsea, Troopster Care Packs

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