Best Military Blog

Best Military Blog

Bold Commerce CollaboratorFeb 15, '18

Why Does Troopster Have a Military Blog?

As veterans with multiple combat and non-combat deployments, we here at Troopster know that supporting loved ones overseas can be a complex and ever-changing process.  To help people through the process and stay on top of any changes, we decided to incorporate a military blog into our website.  This way, if we learn about anything that impacts friend and family support to troops overseas, we can keep you posted!

What is Troopster?

Troopster is a veteran owned and operated, for-profit business that allows friends and families of deployed services members to skip the hassle of putting together and mailing their own care packages.  Instead, with Troopster, you can buy, personalize, and send care packages to your loved ones from the comfort of home!  Check out our great selection below:

I Like Your Military Blog but Don’t Know Anyone Deployed.  Can I Still Help?

Yes! In addition to Troopster, we have a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, Troopster.  Not all deployed troops have friends and families back home willing or able to send them care packages.  With our charity, we use tax-deductible donations to mail packages directly to these troops. If you like our military blog, please support Troopster Donation Corp by adopting a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine, or with a direct monetary donation. Thanks for the support!

Military Blog Post Idea?

Awesome!  We exist to serve military members and their friends and families, so if you have an idea for a military blog post, or you'd just like us to research something for you, contact us

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