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This coin was given to me by Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, was our most recent CNO. The CNO is a four-star admiral and is responsible to the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) for the command, utilization of resources, and operating efficiency of the operating forces of the Navy and of the Navy shore activities assigned by the Secretary.

A member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CNO is the principal naval adviser to the President and to the SECNAV on the conduct of war, and is the principal adviser and naval executive to the Secretary on the conduct of activities of the Department of the Navy.

I had the pleasure of meeting Admiral Greenert and interviewed him on several occasions during my time at Navy Public Affairs.

These coins are being sent out as part of our donation campaign to raise money to send care packages out to troops this holiday season. For every $100 that we raise I am sending out one of these coins to a donor at random. To donate or for more information please visit our campaign page and our events page. 



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