Want to Support Deployed Troops on the Fourth of July?

Want to Support Deployed Troops on the Fourth of July?

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Fourth of July and Troopster

As a veteran-operated charity, we at Troopster love the Fourth of July!  We’ll take any opportunity we get to celebrate America’s Independence Day.  And, as veterans and patriotic Americans, we love a good summer BBQ as much as the next guy.  

Thanking Those Overseas

As fun as a good Fourth of July party is, we can’t forget about the members of this great nation’s all-volunteer force.  As we celebrate at home, the heroes serving abroad act as sentinels of our freedom.  At Troopster , our goal is to ensure each of these troops receives a care package, and we ask you, generous Americans, to help us accomplish that goal.  And, what better time of year than the Fourth of July to say thanks?  Please take a look at our below options for tax-deductible support to American troops serving overseas:

What If I Want to Send a Fourth of July Pack to my Troop?

Do you have a loved one in your life who’s currently deployed?  Send personalized care packs, adding notes and photos from home, without leaving your house!  Troopster, our veteran-owned business, gives friends and families of deployed service members a way to send their loved ones a care pack from our website.  Check out these great options:

Can I Personalize a Fourth of July Pack?

Absolutely. If you’d like to send your loved one a care package on the Fourth of July (or any other time of year!), pick from our following options to add a little slice of home:

How Do I Actually Ship a Fourth of July Care Pack?

Are you struggling with military mail?  The whole APO and FPO thing can be pretty overwhelming.  With Troopster, if you want to send a care pack to your loved one, we take care of all the actual shipping hassle.  All you need to do is pick from one of our great pack options, personalize it, and we walk you through entering the APO or FPO address on our check-out page.  We then take this information and handle all the customs pages for you.  We want to make this is as stress free as possible!

When Should I Order?

If you’d like to order a pack in time for it to reach your troop by the Fourth of July, we recommend ordering it from Troopster no later than the last week of May.  All military mail is handled through USPS, and, while care packs can arrive in as little as two weeks, it can also take up to five or six, depending on where your loved one is deployed.  

What About Other Holidays?

At Troopster, supporting the military is our job!  So, we’re always looking for good holiday ideas.  In addition to this Fourth of July post, take a look at the following when you have some time:

 Fourth of July Sparkler

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