Heartbreak in a Box

Heartbreak in a Box

Bold Commerce CollaboratorDec 6, '16

It all began on a difficult deployment. By far the most difficult of my few years in the Navy. Everyone missed home and each day was a perpetual Groundhog Day. We were finally getting mail after several months without. I remember getting the package with my name penned in small blue ink. It was from my mom and I was so excited at the thought of just getting something from home that I almost didn't open it. Receiving a care package is almost like being a kid on Christmas. You are mixed with such joy and excitement that it almost doesn't matter what it is. Half the fun is just in the present itself. I opened up the box and although I was so happy and loved everything inside, my heart sank when I realized all of the home baked goods and chocolate had gone bad. Although I loved the nicknacks in the box I didn't have room to store much of it and nearly all of the baked goods I had to throw away. It was then, at that moment, that I had the

AH HA! moment. I started sketching out what a care package box would look like from a site that would help parents, like my mom, or anyone else to send a care package. 

I'll admit I still tried to eat the chocolate and it was terrible, but the idea and brainstorming session that came out of that care package was worth every bit of it. I don't think she knows it, but it was thanks to my mom that Troopster was born.

Still currently Active Duty Military, but outside from the military mission, Troopster is the BIG priority as way of supporting friends and fellow service members. Follow Troopster on Facebook and Twitter. 

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