Lace Up Your Shoes in Support of Troopster!

Lace Up Your Shoes in Support of Troopster!

Elisabeth RuschJul 16, '20

Get your running shoes ready for The ‘Murican 5 Mile Virtual Run! Because honestly, what does the K in 5k even mean? 

Troopster is holding our first ever virtual run! The run can be completed any time between September 17th and September 23rd. Registration ends September 16th.

There are three tiers of registration:

- $25: registration fee and a medal

- $50: registration fee, medal, and t-shirt

- $125: registration fee, medal, t-shirt, and running care pack

The Runner's Care Pack comes packed with: 

- Honey Stinger Waffle

- No Whey! chocolate bar

- Chef Boyardee microwavable pasta

- Super Fat nut butter

- Zelle organic fruit Jel

- Kickass sausage and cheese stick

- Strikeforce energy drink packet

- Pistachios

- Lenny & Larry's protein cookie

- Goldfish

- Nature's Bakery Fig Bar

- Nature Valley granola bars

- Mott's Fruit Snacks

- American Flag Bandana

 We hope to send out many more care packs this year but we need your help so sign up today!

Happy Running!

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