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April is the Month of the Military Child and we have had an absolute blast celebrating all month long!  

We had the opportunity to invite some of our most favorite MilKids to pose for a photoshoot with some of our Troopster boxes and our friends at Abejon Photography were able to capture some pretty off-the-charts adorable moments like this one...


Troopster Care Back Kids for Military Kids

Then we turned their sweet faces into memes for our social media profiles...

Month of the Military Child Troopster Care Back Kits for Kids

These awesome little ones were so excited to pose with our boxes (because, hey who doesn't love crawling out of a "spaceship" box, right?!).  Between the tiny tutu wearing one who twirled circles around us to the little guy who was pretty darn adamant about us all referring to him as "Spiderman" all morning long... they stole our hearts and brightened our world by a million times.  As we continue to share their images here on the blog and throughout our social media presence, we hope they brighten your day, too.  

A big, heartfelt thank you goes out to all of the military kids out there who are enduring deployments and missing their service member parents!  The Troopster family salutes your shining example of living resiliently.  

Want to surprise your milkid with a Care Back Kit?  Check out the options here. 


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