Nonprofit Builds Tiny Houses to Help Homeless Veterans

Nonprofit Builds Tiny Houses to Help Homeless Veterans

Chelsea MandelloNov 5, '19

We've all heard about it, seen it and noticed the growing number of homeless Veterans in America.

As the number of veteran homelessness has grown, with an estimated 40,000 homeless veterans in any given night according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Development, there are those in the community who are stepping up to help make a difference.

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Nonprofit organizations, such as the Veterans Community Project and Clara White Mission, have taken a creative step to make a difference in the lives of vets by building them tiny homes.


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While thousands of veterans are forced to the streets due to an array of mental health disorders, drug addictions, and disabilities, such as Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) these organizations have made it their mission to help house these veterans with homes of their own.

Tiny homes build

As the "Tiny House Movement" has grown surprisingly LARGE across the country due to financial benefits, simplicity or environment considerations, these homes are now getting to make a greater impact for our veterans.

To learn more about the Veterans Community Project, please visit their site at:

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Earlier this year a representative from the American Bar Association (ABA) requested legislative bipartisan support from the Committee on Veteran Affairs to help find strategies to remove the barriers veterans face and that can lead to homelessness within the vet community.


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