Looking for a Way to Say Thanks on Veterans Day?

Looking for a Way to Say Thanks on Veterans Day?

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Veterans Day and Troopster

As Veterans Day comes around each November, people start to think about the friends and family members in their lives who have served this great country.  Beyond a “thanks for your service,” what else can you do to support these American heroes on Veterans Day?  At Troopster, we’re here to help.  As a veteran-owned and veteran-operated business, we exist to provide friends and families of both active service members and veterans the easiest way to buy and ship military care packages to the loved ones in your lives.  And, what better time of year than Veterans Day to say “thank you” to the ones who have served?  Here are some of our great collections:

Are Active-Duty Troops Considered Veterans?

Technically, no.  According to the Department of Veteran Affairs, the definition of veteran is as follows: “A ‘veteran’ is a person who served in the active military, naval or air service, and was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.”  At Troopster, we take issue with the last clause, especially on Veterans Day.  Does receipt of a DD-214 upon your discharge from the service change who you are?  To us, no, it doesn’t.  If you swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution, we’re going to provide you the respect you deserve on Veterans Day regardless of status: active, separated, or retired.  

I Want to Give Back on Veterans Day but Don’t Know Anyone Who Served

This is not an uncommon situation.  As an all-volunteer force, America’s Armed Forces, and the veterans who have filled its ranks, are relatively few in number compared to our nation’s overall population.  At Troopster, we recognized this situation early on, so we established Troopster, a registered 501(c)(3) charitable corporation that allows generous Americans to either adopt a troop serving overseas through the purchase of a care package or, if you prefer, make a monetary donation to our charity.  Both options are tax deductible.  And, all administrative costs of Troopster are paid by our for-profit business, Troopster, so 100 percent of your donations go where they should, to supporting America’s veterans.   

If We Want Veterans Day Packages to Arrive on Time, When Should We Order Them?

Fortunately, Veterans Day being on November 11th keeps it outside the rush of holiday shipping, when shipping costs and times typically skyrocket.  With that said, if you know a veteran overseas, anticipate two to four weeks for a care package to arrive through military mail, so ordering by early October is a safe bet. However, if you’d like to send a care package to a veteran Stateside, you have a little more flexibility.  Domestic mail delivery from pretty much anywhere in the States will arrive by Veterans Day if you order the care package by the last week in October.   

What’re the Origins of Veterans Day?

If someone said to you, “Here’s a million dollars - just tell me the origins of Veterans Day,” would you be able to answer?  Maybe, maybe not.  Either way, here’s the background on this holiday for veterans.  Veterans Day actually began as another holiday.  On November 11th, 1918, Germany and her allies agreed to lay down their arms, bringing an end to World War I.  To commemorate this momentous event, the US Congress adopted a resolution in 1922 that would declare November 11th “Armistice Day.”  However, following World War II, American veterans rallied around the cause of all veterans, not just those from World War I.  Shortly thereafter, November 11th officially became Veterans Day, celebrating all American veterans.  

As Service Members, How Have You Spent Past Veterans Days?

Good question.  Through numerous combat and non-combat deployments, it’s inevitable that you’re going to spend some Veterans Days away from home.  Discussing this question among the veterans who run Troopster, we’ve swapped plenty of stories.  From spending a Veterans Day aboard Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan to being underway on a ship of the US Navy, we’ve seen it all.  And, the common thread among all our stories was the sense of camaraderie you have spending Veterans Day with fellow service members.  Regardless of whether things are going well on a deployment or, in many cases, not so well, Veterans Day serves as a time to take a step back, look to the guys and gals on your left and right, and know that there’s nowhere you’d rather be.

What’s the Difference Between Veterans Day and Memorial Day?

This is another pretty common question.  While Memorial Day is meant to honor those who died serving our nation, Veterans Day commemorates every veteran who has served in the United States Armed Forces.  Regardless or rank or branch of service, if you see a veteran on November 11th, a “thank you for your service” will go a long way.  Thank you in advance for supporting America’s veterans.  

Veterans Day, Veteran’s Day, or Veterans’ Day?

If you’re a grammar fanatic, you’ve probably struggled with this dilemma before.  According to the the Department of Veterans Affairs, “Veterans Day does not include an apostrophe but does include an "s" at the end of "veterans" because it is not a day that "belongs" to veterans, it is a day for honoring all veterans.”  

Do Other Countries Celebrate Veterans Day?

Yes. As a holiday that emerged from World War I and World War II, both of which America fought side-by-side with other nations, it makes sense that other countries would also commemorate their veterans in some way.  While they don’t refer to the day as Veterans Day, Britain and her Commonwealth nations, as well as France, all annually celebrate their veterans on or near 11 November.  

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