Support the Troops with Care Packages

Support the Troops with Care Packages

Bold Commerce CollaboratorFeb 15, '18

Support the Troops with Troopster!

Welcome to a great way to support the troops.  Troopster is a veteran-owned and veteran-operated business that lets friends and families send personalized care packages to service members.  Whether deployed or just away from home at a Stateside base, support your troop with a little slice of home: add notes and pictures to put a smile on your loved one’s face.  

Don’t Know Anyone but Still Want to Support the Troops?  

Not a problem!  With Troopster, our 501(c)(3)-registered charitable corporation, you can support the troops with tax-deductible donations. Pick from one of two options.  For a more personal choice, you can adopt a troop by purchasing a donation care package.  These packs are then sent to an ever-expanding list of service members who request free care packs directly from Troopster.  Or, if you’d prefer, support the troops with a monetary donation.  All overhead for Troopster is paid by our for-profit business, so 100 percent of your donation goes to buying and shipping care packages to troops in need.  

Any Other Good Ways to Support the Troops?

As veterans ourselves, we often receive this question: “What’s the best way to support the troops?”  Unfortunately, there’s not a silver bullet here.  If you noticed above, we wrote that Troopster’s a great way to support the troops, not the best way.  The experiences of service members vary widely, and it’s difficult to claim a perfect way to support the troops.  With that said, you can’t go wrong with a simple nod of the head and a “thanks for your service.”  This little act that takes no effort can make the difference in a troop’s day.  Thanks in advance for the support!  

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