Treat Your Troop!

Treat Your Troop!

Bold Commerce CollaboratorJul 7, '16

This blog is about treating your troop after a long deployment as well as treating yourself. That might seem a little selfish, but don't sell yourself short! While you might not have been on a ship, in a tent, or standing on the front lines, you were still going through your own version of deployment. Now that your troop is home safe here are a few options for easing your troop, AND YOURSELF, back into the ebb and flow. 

Get the first week out of the way!

The first week is all about getting the deployment "yips" and metaphorical jet lag out of the way. You both are excited, you can't stop holding, hugging and laughing so you bombard each other with updates about anything and everything. This first week is what I like to call "Reintegration." While your troop certainly wouldn't dislike being whisked away right after a deployment, it is a good idea to let everyone get back into the mindset of actually being home. That first week will fly by with all of the excitement and "Newness". Once the immediacy has worn off, this then opens the door to slow down and really ENJOY your time together. 

The Get Away

cabin, get awayNow that you have eased somewhat back into the routine it's time to get romantic and to be WHISKED away! Get as far away from the military as you are able. Right now this is about you and your sunshine. 

For us, we chose to take a few weeks away to visit a small cabin in North Carolina. JUST US! We had everything we needed and for us this was heaven! We enjoyed being able to relax without any outside obligations. We walked through the woods, enjoyed the hot tub, watched movies, ate whatever we wanted and just LOVED each other's company. THIS was our way of getting back to "US". This might not be for everyone, but I absolutely recommend taking a break and getting out of the immediate area. We used VRBO to find this cabin, but there are many other sites that are just as good for finding a good getaway. 

So there it is. It's nice of course to get couples massages, go on a date, and do other things together, but the best option is to completely remove yourself from everything and just focus on each other. While at home you will always be thinking about household chores, bills, errands and anything else that pops up. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you plan for your loved one either if they are coming home from a deployment or have recently returned.

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