Military Care Packages |

Putting together care packages to send to your parents is exceptionally fun when you're a military kid.  It's one of the most popular ways for kiddos experiencing a deployment to continue to bond with mom or dad while they're deployed.  But, we know at Troopster that if there is anything that kids love more than helping to create a care package, it's receiving one!

Kids can now receive Troopster care packs thanks to our new product, Care Back Kits!  We currently have two options, but will soon be launching more varieties.  Each kit comes with toys, snacks and the option to upload a photo and letter to personalize the pack so that your resilient military child can experience the pure joy of receiving a care package.  

April is the Month of the Military Child and there's no better way to celebrate your little one's experience as a military child than with one of our carefully crafted care back kits.  Know a kid who would love to receive a care package from their deployed parent?  Send the service member this link to show them this awesome new product.  

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