Worried About a Military Move?  Take Comfort With

Worried About a Military Move? Take Comfort With "A New Home For Allie"!

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Stressed About A Military Move?

You’re not alone! Military spouse, author, and wonderful mother Carrie Daws has taken all the stress of a military move and bundled it up into a children’s book, A New Home For Allie.  

What About the Kids?

If you’re stressed about a military move, you know that your kids are, as well.  In her new children’s book, Carrie introduces young readers to Allie. Due to her dad’s job, Allie, a young giraffe, finds out she needs to leave her home in Kenya for a new one in Somalia.

The Military Connection

With her creative allegory, Carrie gently uses Allie to show children that, while change may seem like a bad thing, so much good can come of military moves, if only you approach them the right way!

The Standard Fears

As a young giraffe, Allie face the same fears that young children must conquer prior to a military move: Will I like my new home?  Will I make new friends? Will I miss my old home? With this great story, parents can let children know, “Everything will be okay!”

Sounds Great! Where Can I Find Out More About A New Home For Allie?

You’ve come to the right place!  If you’d like, you can pre-order Carrie’s new book on Amazon.  Take advantage of this awesome opportunity for educating children on the wonderful opportunities inherent to a military move.  

So Why Is Troopster Writing About Military Moves?

Good question!  Yes, we are an organization that focuses on sending military care packages, but we’re also veterans who know how important (and confusing!) a topic military moves can be.  So, in addition to wanting to support outstanding military spouse authors, we just like letting visitors to Troopster’s blogs get access to as much military information as possible!  

Thanks So Much For Supporting Carrie Daws and Troopster!

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Carrie Daws on Mar 9, '18

Thank you for such a wonderful review of A New Home for Allie and for supporting the military in such a practical way!

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