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Send an Army Care Package to Your Soldier

Do you know a deployed Soldier?  Send an Army care package from the comfort of your own home! Troopster is a veteran-owned business that lets you buy a care package, add letters and photos from home, and send it to your soldier overseas, all in just a few clicks on our website. We know how hard it is having a loved one overseas, so we try to make it as easy as possible for the friends and families of deployed Soldiers to send a little love from home.

Put Your Army Care Package Order on Repeat

Ever miss your monthly “send a pack” reminder?  When you check out, turn your Army care package order into a subscription so that your deployed loved one gets a little slice of home every month.  In addition to saving 10 percent on all orders, this great option takes one more thing off your list of a million things to do!

I Was in the Army but Don’t Know Anyone Serving Now

If you served the United States as a Soldier and want to continue to support deployed troops, check out our 501(c)(3) registered non-profit corporation, Troopster Donation Corp. This veteran-operated charity connects patriotic Americans with deployed troops, letting you adopt a Soldier currently serving overseas, making sure this deployed troop receives an Army care package from home.

So What Do A Sailor and Marine Know About Army Care Packages?

Yep, you got us.  Troopster’s run by Navy and Marine folks, but we’ve got some good experience working with the Army!  Chipp Naylon, Troopster’s Chief Outreach Officer, spent seven months working for a US Army Task Force in Afghanistan.  During that time, despite the inevitable good-natured service rivalry, Chipp had the privilege of working day-in and day-out with some outstanding Soldiers, learning about Army traditions and even getting to participate in an Army combat patch ceremony!  So yes, while we aren’t Soldiers, we certainly respect the men and women who make up the Army’s ranks (and think we know how to put together a pretty solid Army care package, too!).

Have Some Better Ideas for Army Care Packages?  

We’d love to hear them!  Please contact us with any recommendations for new care packages or Army-related blog posts.  We exist to serve you, so please let us know what we can do better!

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