Marine Care Packages

From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli!

Generations of Marines have proudly sang this hymn while serving the United States in “ev’ry clime and place.” For all these heroes, receiving a Marine care package is a welcome break from the rigors of deployment.

Do you have loved one serving abroad? With our veteran-owned business, Troopster, you can send these deployed troops the Marine care packages they deserve. Specifically, you can buy a care package on our website and personalize it with your own pictures and letters, all from the comfort of home. No more trips to the post office and confusing customs forms- we take care of that for you!

Tap, Rack, Bang: Marine Care Package Immediate Action Whether you’re clearing a jammed weapon or sending care packs to your deployed loved ones, things are just better when they’re straightforward and simple. So, Troopster hopes to make at least one task on your mile-long list of things to do just a bit easier. With our subscription option, you can turn your purchase of a Marine care package into a recurring, monthly order (save 10 percent, too). Take the thought out it, and turn supporting your Marine down range into an immediate action!

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