Chesty Puller Pack

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Items in this kit include:

3 - Anthem Beef Jerky

2 - Protein Bars

2 - Hot Cheetos

3 - Pistachios

1 -  Bubba's Blazing Buffalo 'Nana Chips

3 - Skinny Pop Variety Snack Pack

5 - Mott's Medley Assorted Fruit Snacks 

1 - Strikeforce Energy Original

1 - 5 Hour energy

1 - General's Grenade Hot Souce

Chesty Puller & Troopster

If there’s a Marine in your life, you’ve likely heard an off-the-cuff comment about doing “one for Chesty Puller.”  But who is this legendary Marine?  Lewis “Chesty” Puller happens to be the most decorated Marine in history, the recipient of five Navy Crosses and an all-around bad dude.  Hence, by doing an extra something (usually push-ups, pull-ups, etc.), Marines pay tribute to Chesty Puller’s legacy by pushing themselves further than they ever thought they could go.  

To honor this Marine legend, Troopster has created the Chesty Puller Pack, the ultimate care pack to send to your deployed Marine.  This protein-packed box of epic proportions would do Chesty Puller proud, and it’ll give your loved one enough fuel to push through deployment.

Personalizing the Chesty Puller Pack

Are you looking for a more personal touch?  With the Chesty Puller pack and all of Troopster’s other premade care packs, add notes and photos from home to send your deployed Marine a little news from “the homefront.”

One More… Donation… for Chesty Puller!

Want to support deployed Marines but don’t know anyone currently serving? Troopster, our 501(c)(3)-registered charitable corporation, can help.  With this charity, adopt a Marine by purchasing a donation care pack that we send overseas.  Not every Marine has loved ones at home to support them, so we allow deployed service members to request free care packs directly from Troopster.  We keep a running (and ever-growing!) list of these deployed troops, so we can send them donated care packs. Thanks in advance for donating and honoring the legacy of Chesty Puller!

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