The Hooah Pack

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Do you have a Soldier in your life?  If so, “hooah” must be something you’ve heard many times before.  To celebrate Soldiers and all they do for this great country, Troopster has built the Hooah Care Package, an outstanding mix of healthy and filling snacks to send to your deployed Soldier.  Wherever your soldier is in the world, a Hooah Pack will bring a smile (and a full stomach!).  

This kit includes:

2 - Skinny Pop Popcorn

2 - Dried Fruit Crunch

2 - Kind Bars

2 - Fig Bars

2 - Sensible Portions Veggie Snacks

1 - CLIF Organic Trail Mix Bar

1 - Smart Bar

1 - Organic Grain Bar


Can I Personalize a Hooah Pack?

You bet!  All Troopster packs, to include the Hooah Pack, can be personalized with notes and photos from home.  

Hooah Pack Donations?

Do you not know a deployed Soldier but still want to support the troops?  Troopster, our associated 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, lets you adopt a Soldier by sending a donation care package to a troop in need.  Hooah!  

So What Does Hooah Actually Mean?

Basically, anything.  If you’re excited, let out a hooah!  If you need to acknowledge receipt of an order, hooah.  If you have no idea what a superior officer just told you, hooah?  

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