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The Gronkowski Brothers Promoting Ice Shaker on Shark Tank

The Gronk Collection

The Gronkowski Brothers  

What do you do when A) you played in the NFL, B) you have three brothers who played in the NFL, and C) oh yeah, you have another brother who played professional baseball?  Well first off, you know that you’re one of the Gronkowskis!  And, for Chris Gronkowski, he knew he wanted to pass along some of that Gronk strength to the rest of us.  Enter Ice Shaker, Chris’s awesome, stainless steel drink shaker.   This vacuum-insulated, double-walled shaker keeps drinks ice cold for over 30 hours - perfect for crushing workouts during a deployment in the sand!   

The Gronk Ice Shaker


The Gronk Collection

With the Gronkowski family’s unbelievable passion and drive for crushing steel and ripping up gyms, Chris’s Ice Shaker is a natural fit for Troopster Military Care Packages.  As veterans ourselves, we know how important staying in shape is on deployment.  And, you need the right stuff to fuel yourself, especially when you’re operating day-in and day-out in 100 plus degree weather.  So, we’re giving military friends and families the ability to send their loved ones Ice Shakers as part of our Gronk Collection of care packages.  Send your loved one something that’ll make a difference every day for the rest of the deployment!  

Can I Personalize Items in the Gronk Collection?

You bet!  As veterans, we absolutely understand how important it is to get a little slice of home while on deployment.  Upload photos from home and add personal notes to any care packages offered by Troopster!

Gronk Charitable Support for the Troops

In addition to acting as a supplier for Troopster, Chris Gronkowski’s Ice Shaker company is also an official corporate partner with Troopster Donation Corp, our 501(c)(3) charitable corporation.  If you don’t know anyone overseas but still want to support the troops, make a tax-deductible donation of something from the Gronk Collection!  

Who Do the Gronk Donations Go To?

As veterans, we’ve seen the unfortunate reality that not all deployed troops have loved ones back home to send them care packages.  It’s a pretty heartbreaking sight to see, but all too often, troops will go an entire deployment without receiving a single pack from home.  At Troopster Donation Corp, it’s our mission to fix that!  Deployed service members can request free care packs directly from our website, and we keep a running (and ever growing) list of these troops.  Every time you donate a pack from the Gronk Collection, we make sure it gets to a deployed troop who could use a little love from home.  

Follow in Gronk’s Charitable Footsteps

Without organizations like Chris Gronkowski’s Ice Shaker, Troopster Donation Corp would never be able to make things work.  Our charity’s goal is to send care packages to every deployed service member.  This is no easy feat (one may even say it’s a “Gronk-gatuan” feat!).  With that said, if your business or organization would like to get involved with Troopster Donation Corp, please contact us.  Whether you’re only able to help us spread the word, you want to donate $1,000,000 (thank you!), or anything in between, we can figure out a partnership that fits your unique needs.