Troopster Care Packages

Troopster Care Packages is inspired by the courageous men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces who are either stationed abroad or who are deployed. We work to find the best ways possible to get care packages to our troops no matter where in the world they may be or what missions they might be serving. From kids to adults, everyone wants to support those they love who defend our country and we strive to always make the process of that support an easy and affordable effort.

So our customers can feel confident in our services, we add innovative, high quality products to our care packages that friends, families or donors can then personalize with photos or letters.

Chelsea Mandello - CEO of Troospter, LLC


We started off as a very small business

Troopster launched Thanksgiving Day in 2015, by U.S. Navy Petty Officer Chelsea Mandello while she was still serving active-duty as a Navy Photojournalist. The site was created to give friends and family of deployed service members a more natural way to send their soldiers care packages, but without facing any of the trouble of actually shopping or packing themselves.

The story began nearly two years before while Mandello was serving aboard her seventh ship during an 11 month deployment to the Fifth Fleet area-of-operations. Forward-deployed and serving a mission against anti-piracy, Mandello like others rarely received mail.


Care Packages, when delivered, was a unique commodity that increased morale and overall wellbeing. Rather than eating unsatisfying, over processed foods or standing in line to a convenient store style market, those that received care packages could enjoy rare items such as Folgers coffee, Fragrant Downey laundry detergent, photos and letters from loved ones, healthy foods.

The problem though was that when care packages did arrive, often times items had gone expired, melted or wasn't needed or useful. Many times care boxes that were received were thrown away, despite the heartache that this caused. Mandello coined care packages such as these 'Heartbreak Boxes.'


Shortly after founding Troopster, there was an immediate response from the community to support our deployed troops. Troopster recognized interest to help the men and women serving around the world. Equally, we began receiving correspondence from service members, many stationed overseas and many who lacked care during deployment.

Connecting our troops in need to the community became a new goal. In 2015 Troopster began working with the City of Norfolk, more than 40 local businesses and 200+ volunteers and sent 500 care packages to deployed troops for Christmas

In 2016 Troopster Donation Corp. was established as an official non-profit organization dedicated to sending care packages to deployed service members with the help of volunteers and donations. Since launching Troopster + Troopster Donation's has sent more than 2,700 care packages to military members serving in more than a dozen countries.


  • 2,890+

    Care packs sent

  • 40+

    Local Business Donors

  • 350+

    Who have volunteered

  • 42,720

    Cheetos sent

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