Do you know Airmen deployed or stationed overseas who exemplify the above quote? Make sure they receive the support they deserve. Troopster is a veteran-owned business that provides friends and families a way to buy Air Force care packages, personalize them with letters and pictures from home, and send them to Airmen overseas, all from the comfort of your own home. 

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If you’re looking for the ultimate care pack to send to a deployed Airman, look no further than Troopster’s MOAB Air Force Care Package, a protein-packed blast of delicious snacks sure to fuel even the most difficult deployment. We built the MOAB to live up to its name, and the loved one you send it to will agree!

For our Airmen serving around the world 

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Featured Care Pack "Minuteman!"

Know an Airman? Looking for an awesome way to support these modern-day minutemen, the 24-7 guarantor’s of American freedom? Send the Minutemen Air Force Care Package, Troopster’s delicious mix of cookies, crackers, and snack bars that your loved one can grab at a minute’s notice!  

Ideas for Care Packages?

Have an idea for a new care package? Send us your thoughts! Or, if you’d like us to research and write about any other Air Force topics in our military blog, please contact us. Thanks so much!  

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Don’t Know Anyone Currently Serving?

Not all deployed Airmen have loved ones to send them care packages. To help fix this, our adopt an Airman program lets people donate Air Force care packages that we then send to Airmen who have requested free care packages directly from Troopster. Thanks in advance for supporting those who serve us all. 

America is a country comprised of people who love and respect our military, but not everyone knows people actively serving. Troopster Donations, 501(c)(3)-registered charity, lets you support those serving by adopting an Airman

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