American Demolition and Nuclear Decommissioning and Troopster Donation Corp

To complete its charitable mission of supporting deployed troops with care packages, Troopster Donation Corp relies upon the generous support of American businesses. American Demolition & Nuclear Decommissioning (DND) is one of these outstanding businesses. As a Corporate Partner of our charity, American DND’s support has allowed Troopster Donation Corp to send care packages to hundreds of American service members deployed overseas.

American DND’s Veteran Connection

In addition to its tremendous support for our military charity, American DND is a service-disabled veteran (SDV) certified business. As such, this company serves as an integral bridge between the military and business communities, demonstrating how the men and women who serve in America’s armed forces can excel as they transition from military to civilian life. Thanks for being a great example to the military community, American DND!

About American DND

American Demolition & Nuclear Decommissioning’s mission is to provide:

  • Safe,
  • Regulatory Compliant,
  • Efficient, and
  • Cost Effective
  • Facility decommissioning of nuclear power plants and former Department of Energy facilities.

And, in addition to its nuclear decommissioning focus, American DND also conducts large-scale demolition and brownfield development projects for both public and private clients. Check out some past projects here

Follow American DND’s Lead

As long as the United States has troops overseas, our charity has a responsibility to send these men and women care packages – each pack is a little love from home!  If you’d like to follow American DND’s lead and join Troopster Donation Corp as a Corporate Partner, please contact us.

We also rely heavily upon the generous support of individual Americans to fulfill our charitable mission. If you’re looking for a great way to support troops downrange, here are a couple options. All donations to our 501(c)(3)-registered charitable corporation are fully tax-deductible. Thanks in advance for helping us put smiles on deployed troops’ faces!

1: Adopt a Troop

2: Monetary Contribution

Thanks for the Support, American DND!