Meet the Founder

The story began nearly two years before while Chelsea was serving aboard her seventh ship during an 11-month deployment. Forward-deployed and serving a mission against anti-piracy, Chelsea like others rarely received mail. By the time the crew did receive mail it was the feeling of Christmas-at-Sea and Chelsea had received a care pack from her mother. Excited, she tore it open, reached inside, and was immediately heart broken when she realized that everything inside could no longer be eaten or used. 
Everything had either expired or melted. She coined this, a ‘Heartbreak in a Box.’  

Chelsea realized that she wasn’t alone. Many of her fellow service members faced the same heartbreak and what’s more is that no one wanted to tell the thoughtful loved ones or supporters back home what had happened.

After deployment, Chelsea set out to change this and to provide an opportunity for all of those at home to be able to send care packages easily and for those deployed to receive great care packs that they would love and use.

Since launching Troopster has changed the world of care packages. More than 12,000 U.S. troops have been impacted by Troopster and hundreds more are supported with Troopster packs every month thanks to the friends, families and communities who support our U.S. service members by way of Troopster.

" We work to find the best ways possible to get care packages to our troops no matter where in the world they may be or what missions they might be serving. Children to adults, everyone wants to support those they love and those who defend our country and we strive to always make the process of that support an easy and affordable effort. Trust in us as we have been there and won’t let you down.”

Chelsea Mandello - CEO & Founder