Why Does Troopster Exist?

We exist because there is something that people don't talk about or may not know about within the Armed Forces. Depression. While deployed, Service Members around the world face extreme situations that most people couldn't imagine. They deal with constant loss. Loss of their friends, who become family, in combat. Loss of memories that could have happened with their family, like their first child being born. Loss of personal freedom. When an 18-year-old kid signs up to serve, they don't know what they are getting into. We are here to bring a smile to that kid. We are here to show them that we are thinking of them and that we care. If you are reading this while serving, we appreciate you.

The Perfect Care Pack

This is the standard care pack we send to each Service Member. As prior Military members, we know what our Troops want. 

One-Time Donation

  • $15 Sends One Care Pack
  • $45 Send Three Care Packs 
  • $300 Supports an Entire Division of Troops 

Monthly Donation

  • Become a Troopstar!
  • Enjoy Special TroopStar Perks 
  • Support Multiple Soldiers on Deployments