Military Care Packages |

Here are some questions we frequently receive:

Are you veteran-owned?

Troopster Care Packs is 100% owned and operated by an active duty service member.  That means that we have the experience and understanding for what is needed to make a great care package. We are still serving in the military and are especially attuned to those serving and will always maker sure that your troop will receive the best quality.

 I want to personalize a message. Can I do that?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact we encourage it. You can always add a message or note without worrying about a character limit. If you want to write a book to your deployed troop then WE SUPPORT YOU! We will include the letter in your care package that we send.

 Where do you get your prices? 

We are working with a lot of wholesalers and small businesses to get the lowest prices with the best quality. It was really important for us to not only take care of our fellow service members who were deployed, but to also take care of the community that they will be coming home to. That is why we are partnering with many local small Veteran owned businesses to receive great options, a variety of products and always at an affordable price.

How long will it take to get to my service member?

 This is our most frequent question and we are glad that you asked. We work hard for a fast turn around. Due to the unpredictable schedules of the armed forces we ask that everyone expect anywhere from 2 - 3 weeks, though many times our packages arrive much sooner! We do everything we can to ship quickly and get your package out the door and to your troop.