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Show your Troopster how much you care and pamper her with this Bath and Body kit for her. This kit includes: 1 - Clean logic Silky Soft Sleep Mask (Very important when others are


Why Are Girlfriend Care Packages so Important?

Deployments away from home, especially when it’s your first time overseas, can be heartbreaking. When you’re deployed, things are easier when you’re busy. But, during those quiet times falling asleep at night, missing your loved ones can absolutely make you ache. During these difficult times, the care package you send to your girlfriend with some photos and notes from home can mean a world of difference, reminding your sweetheart that there are people back Stateside who love and miss her.

So What Should I Send Her?

We’ve sent a lot of care packs, and, as Troopster founder Chelsea Mandello was once a deployed girlfriend herself, you can count on our awesome selection of girlfriend care packages to put a smile on your sweetheart’s face. And, you’ll really do her right by taking the time to write a nice, heartfelt note and include some pictures from home. As great as the goodies in care packages are, it’s the little slices of home that we truly cherish.