What does Troopster Know About Healthy Care Packages?

Glad you asked! Troopster’s Chief Outreach Officer, Chipp Naylon, spent nine years as an infantry officer in the Marine Corps. During that time, he planned and conducted hundreds of combat patrols in Afghanistan, some of them in pretty rugged terrain. To perform at your best, you have to eat at your best. And, healthy care packages gave deployed troops the ability to do this. Without the right fuel, you’ll struggle to hit peak performance, which isn’t an option down range.

Health Nut, but Don’t Know Anyone in the Military?

A common question we receive is, “I want to support deployed troops with good, healthy things to eat, but I don’t know anyone serving right now- thoughts?” Concerned citizens can adopt a troop and donate healthy care packages to deployed service members, who, because they lack support from home, request free care packages from Troopster.

Can I Automate Healthy Care Package Donations?

Absolutely! If you’d like to adopt a troop from our charity, we give you an option to turn your donation into a monthly subscription. Every month, the healthy care packages you donate will be shipped downrange to a deployed troop who has requested a free pack. Thanks for choosing this awesome option!