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From the Halls of Montezuma, to the Shores of Tripoli!

Generations of Marines have proudly sang this hymn while serving the United States in “ev’ry clime and place.” For all these heroes, receiving a Marine care package is a welcome break from the rigors of deployment. 

1st Marine Aircraft Wing

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Unfortunately, not every Marine has a loved one providing support from home. With Troopster Donation Corp, you can donate a Marine care package, and we will make sure it gets to someone deployed who has requested free care package support from our charity. Semper Fi, and thank you!

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The Few, The Proud!

A great selection of healthy snacks and bar, to include: Boulder Chips, Dried Fruit Crunch, Kind Bars, Kashi Bars, Sensible Portions Veggie Snacks, CLIF & Smart Bar

Good Idea for a Marine Care Package?

Awesome! We love hearing new ideas, so if you have some thoughts for what would make an outstanding Marine care packages, contact us. Or, if you just want to see someone write about some Marine-related topic, let us know so we can research and write a blog post for you. Our job is to serve you, so feedback is always appreciated!  

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