Welcome to Troopster - Military Care Packages, a 501(c)3 charity organization founded by a U.S. Veteran to support the military community through care packages. The Troopster Press Room features the latest news, awards and events by Troopster. For more information, or for additional press materials such as imagery or interviews for a feature story, please contact:

Chelsea Mandello

Our Mission Statement:

Troopster’ mission is Increase the morale of the Armed Forces community - One deployment, package and individual at a time.

About Troopster:

Troopster is a nonprofit 501c3 charity that works to deliver deployment packages to the men and women in service. There are 1.3 Million Active-Duty Service Members, more than 800,000 Reserve, and more than 2 Million Military Families. There are more than 200,000 active duty members serving, stationed or deployed overseas. For more information visit www.troopster.org and troopster facebook page

"Increasing the Moral of the Armed Forces Community"

1,281,900 Active Duty | 860,000 Reserve