What is Military Mail?

When you send care packages to troops deployed overseas, the Unites States Postal Service uses its military mail system. Basically, this system allows friends and families of deployed service members to ship mail and care packages to APO, FPO and DPO addresses. The addresses are considered the United States. However, even though it seems like domestic mail, military mail has to consider logistics depending on the safety of the area in which your troop is operating. Mail carriers have to coordinate drops for the mail and will often deliver mail in large collections, rather than individual shipments.

For a more detailed description of what happens to military mail and packs, check out our Blog!

Military Mail Seems Overwhelming. Is There a Better Way?

Yes! Troopster is a veteran-founded charity that specializes in sending care packages to American service members overseas. On our site, you can send a wide variety of care packages, personalize them with letters and pictures from home, and send them around the world, all without having to deal with the post office and military mail! At Troopster, we handle customs requirements and the mail system for you, so you can focus on what counts: supporting your deployed troop!