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Employee Team-building

Make care packs during retreats, conferences or volunteer days

When your organization sponsors an event, you are creating an environment that supports the troops, builds a community of team building and encourages a mindset of giving. We have worked with lots of businesses, big and small, who want to hold a pack event at their location.

Unfortunately, many deployed service members don’t have loved ones back home to send them care packages. As veterans of multiple deployments, the Troopster Donation Corp team knows how heartbreaking it can be seeing a troop overseas not receive any care packages at mail call. Sponsorship helps our Nonprofit Organization to hold monthly donation packing events, that bring the community and service members in need together. Include your organization among our other sponsors and provide an opportunity for someone deployed to receive something they need.

How it Works

Select Sponsorship Level

Select how many care packages your organization would like to sponsor. You can sponsor these packs via donation, pledge or fundraiser.

Submit Sponsorship

Submit the pledged sponsorship amount via check, cc, paypal or any other form of preferred payment.

Have A Packout

Troopster will throw a pack party at your, or an agreed upon, location. We'll provide the contents, packaging, shipping, and marketing for the event, so all you have to do is arrive and have fun.

Benefits of Pack Events:

  • Community Outreach
  • Team Building Experiences
  • Fun way to feel great and give back
  • Bringing the community to your location
  • Tax-Deductible
Sponsorship Levels

Join other businesses and organizations who have proudly sponsored a Troopster pack event! Each event brings Troopster to your location with the packs, contents and shipping logistics to quickly send the packs out to troops deployed around the world! *In-state (Virginia) minimum sponsorship is 200 care packages, Out-of-state minimum is 400 care package sponsorship. Please contact us for more information about in-state and out-of-state sponsorship.


  • We'll bring everything to your location
  • Great for Team Building!
  • Tax-Deductible
  • Letters and Photos from Happy Troops
  • 400 CARE PACKS

  • All content items are provided
  • Team Building or community outreach
  • Tax-Deductible
  • Letters and Photos from Happy Troops
  • 500+ PACKS

  • Impact 500 Deployed U.S. Troops
  • We'll bring everything to your location
  • Great for Team Building!
  • Tax-Deductible
  • Letters and Photos from Happy Troops
  • Previous Sponsors

    We thank our sponsors and partners for taking the interest to not only work with Troopster to further impact the lives of the Armed Forces community, but for also believing in our mission to increase the morale of deployed U.S. troops.

    Corporate Partnership

    Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Strategic Partner with Troopster. To join other elite corporate partners, please contact Chelsea Mandello with the links below. 

    Branding & Marketing Opportunities

    There are many service members deployed overseas who lack loved ones at home to send them care packages. Thanks to the support of annual Corporate Partners our 501(c)(3)-registered charitable corporation ensures hundreds of those service members get the care packages they deserve. Corporate Partnership is as driving forces that demonstrates support for our mission. If your organization is interested in becoming a corporate partner, please contact us.

    Corporate Partner since 2019


    Care Packages Branded


    Impression and Awareness


    Month of Giving Donation



    Corporate Levels

    Support a great cause while also creating an effective collaborative partnership between your company and Troopster, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Partner with us and become an integral part of the lives of the military community.

    With Troopster, we'll work with your organization to make the most effective relationship to connect your company with those of the Armed Forces. Our opportunities include branding box capabilities, target market availability, and promotional production.

    Drive Impact for Troops!

    Send 2,000 Care Packages to Troops with branded swag, content options  

    Brand opportunities for branding & market targeting - contact for more information

    Employee Team Building - Troopster will bring items and packs to your organization to pack with your employees

    Company Logo on Troopster Newsletter as partner

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    Patriotic Partnership

    Send 5,000 Care Packages to troops with branded swag, content opportunity  

    Brand opportunity for branding company logo on 2,000 care packages

    Market targeting opportunities for 2,000 care packages

    Company landing page on Troopster website with impact results of packages

    Company Logo featured on Troopster site, newsletter and social media outlets monthly as corporate partner

    Branding opportunities for secondary target segments - contact for more details 

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    Heroes Circle Partner

    Send 10,000 Care Packages to troops with branded swag, content opportunities within boxes  

    Branding opportunity - Your company logo on 6,000 care packages

    Unlimited targeting sending opportunities - ask for more information

    Unlimited campaign targeting - ask for more details

    Company landing page on Troopster website with impact results of packages sent by your company

    Interior branding options

    Company logo featured prominently on Troopster site, newsletter and social media outlets as premiere corporate partner 

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    Product Partners

    Product and Community Partners

    At Troopster, our focus is to not only send care packages to our troops, but to make sure that those packs are filled with quality products. We rely on and enjoy working with our product partners who work closely with us to make sure that our care packages are innovation, enjoyable and of the highest standards for military packs.


    Community Partners

    At Troopster Donation Corp, we’re on a mission to make sure every deployed troop receives a care package! To accomplish this, our 501(c)(3)-registered military charity relies on the generous support of community partners. If you’re part of a charity, church, school, sports team, club, fraternity/sorority, or any other nonprofit, Troopster Donation Corp lets you create custom care packages for troops, branded specifically to your organization.

    So How Does This Work?

    If you’re part of an organization that would like to donate care packages for troops, but you’re not sure of the best way to do it, contact us! We will create a donation care package branded for your organization. That way, every time you or someone from your organization makes a tax-deductible purchase of your personalized donation box, Troopster Donation Corp will ship it to one of the thousands of deployed troops who have requested free care packages from our charity.

    Churches, Religious Organizations & Charities

    Churches and other religious organizations live and breathe service for others. As such, these organizations are always on the lookout for ways to donate care packages for troops. Unfortunately, dealing with the military mail system and finding an easy way to support deployed service members isn’t always a straightforward process. Troopster takes the guesswork out of it! If you’re part of a church or other religious organization that would like to donate care packages for troops overseas, our military charity lets you create a donation care package personalized for your organization. Anytime members of your congregation would like to support service members overseas, they can purchase your custom donation care package, and we’ll send it to a deployed troop who’s requested our charity’s support!


    Many high schools and universities require their students to complete some form of community service. At Troopster, we ask that these institutions consider supporting our military charity and help us send care packages for troops deployed overseas. We receive requests for care packages from thousands of deployed troops, so every donation counts! For all of our partner schools and universities, we create a custom care package for that institution, so every tax-deductible purchase sends your branded box to a troop overseas. Here’s a list of the generous institutions supporting Troopster:

    Sports Teams

    If you’re on a sports team and are looking for a way for your team to give back to the community, Troopster is a great option. Our military charity creates customized care packages for troops overseas, so your team can have a personalized option for supporting deployed troops. Any charitable funds raised at team events can be used to purchase these donation boxes. Here’s a list of the service-oriented teams partnering with Troopster:


    The men and women who join clubs throughout America embrace a sense of camaraderie and service for others that goes hand-in-hand with military service. Troopster Donation Corp relies on this commitment to others to fulfill our pledge of sending care packages for troops deployed overseas. For all of our club partners, we create a branded donation box, so that every time club members purchase one of these tax-deductible care packages, our charity sends the club’s personalized box to a deployed troop. Here’s a list of the top-notch clubs supporting the Troopster Donation Corp cause:

    Fraternities & Sororities

    Service is a central tenet of Greek charters. Every fraternity and sorority commits itself to serving others, and Troopster Donation Corp offers an opportunity to dedicate that service to sending care packages for troops deployed overseas. For the Greek organizations that partner with us, we create branded care packages unique to each fraternity or sorority. Every donated pack is sent to a deployed troop. Here are the awesome Greek organizations supporting deployed troops:

    Business, Organizations & Partners

    Community partners are the bedrock of patriotic service. Working with organizations, from small business to large enterprises, Troopster Donation Corp is able to create an opportunity to reach more of those in service to the Armed Forces. Allow your organization to participate with its own care package page and purchase plan.

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