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The Ultimate Gronk Military Workout Package

The Ultimate Gronk Military Workout Package

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Do you know a military member who enjoys to workout? Ship the Ultimate Gronk Military Workout Pack to any overseas base or ship! This protein-packed kit includes all the essentials that any beginner or


Are Boyfriend Care Packages that Important?

You bet they are! One of the hardest things in the world for deployed troops, especially for guys overseas for the first time, is being away from their loved ones back home. And, when there’s romance involved, things are infinitely worse. While it may seem like a small gesture, sending a care package to your deployed boyfriend with some notes and photos from home will put a smile on his face for weeks! Just knowing you’re thinking about him will mean the world.

So What Should I Include?

After sending thousands of packs (and as veterans ourselves), you can count on Troopster’s awesome selection of premade boyfriend care packages. And, from personal experience, the snacks and treats are great, but it’s the heartfelt note and pictures from home that really make a difference. So, pick any of our great pack options, pour some love into a note, and include a couple photos from home. We’ll take care of the rest!