Military Care Packages |

Thank you for your interest in donating a care package to our deployed military. Below is a list of items that are always a good start for things that we, active duty military, both enjoy and need. I want to thank you on behalf of all of the men and women who are currently deployed.


Where to begin!

1. Cereal

Never underestimate the simple things. During my deployments I loved getting cereal and like everyone else hoarded the good stuff. In the galley or mess decks it is as good as gold for the good stuff such as lucky charms, frosted flakes, etc. Click here for options available at Troopster.


2. Energy & Drink Mixes

On deployment something more prevalent than coffee is an energy drink. We aren't able to send large energy cans, with the risk of the cans breaking open, but there are other great options out there available. Click here for Troopster options.  


  • 5 hour energy
  • Hot Cocoa (especially during colder months)
  • Tea
  • Lemonade and flavor water mixes
  • Energy drink mixes


    3. Snacks and Food!!!

     The sky is the limit for snacks, but please be mindful of seasons. I try to remove chocolates and products that are likely to melt during the warmer months, but the options for snack and protein bars are always available. Snacks can include chips, granola bars, goldfish, pretzels, etc. While snacks are popular there is also a great need for convenient meals such as mac and cheese and instant oatmeal. Protein is also very popular in the military. With how often we work out we love non-perishable protein items such as energy bars, tuna packs, beef and turkey jerky. Click here for Troopster items.

    • Pretzels
    • Chips
    • Goldfish
    • Nuts
    • Cracker snacks, peanut butter crackers
    • Peanut Butter
    • Cookies
    • Energy Bars
    • Tuna fish, Tuna lunches, chicken salad lunch packs
    • Meal Seasonings (Salt, pepper, hot sauce, sriracha, mustard, etc.)
    • Candy and gum
    • Salty and sweet snacks
    • Mac and Cheese packs


    4. Coffee

    Coffee is a staple during all deployments overseas and while there are some restrictions with the locations that can receive coffee it is still a very special treat. Troopster is proud to be working with a local third generation, family owned Norfolk Coffee and Tea. Coffee is a valued option for every care pack and so I wanted to make sure to not only have great coffee, but a great many coffee options to choose from while also supporting the local community of Norfolk. Click here for Troopster's coffee selections.  


    5. Bath and Body

    You wouldn't believe how something as simple as a scrub, loofah, great hair care products and a few general bath and body items can make your day. In the military you are sharing a bathroom and living space with anywhere from a dozen to several dozen other individuals. Items like those listed above and below really help with a little peace of mind. Click here for options available. 


    • Q-Tips
    • Top Line Shampoo/Conditioner or hair care
    • Face Mask
    • Body Scrub
    • Loofah
    • Nail Care Kit


    Fun & Games

    One of the best times I can remember on a deployment was having a water gun fight after receiving water guns in a care package. Here are some suggestions that I hope bring as much joy as those water guns brought us. Click here for options available on Troopster.

    • Small (Handheld) Water guns
    • Small dart board
    • Sports toys such as small footballs, bounce balls, frisbees, etc.
    • Board games (sometimes the classics are the best)
    • Video Games (Need we say more?)
    • Card Games (not for everyone, but sometimes this is perfect)
    • Reading material. Paperback books, current magazines, comic books.
    • Word games and puzzles. Crossword puzzles, word searches, jigsaw puzzles


    Personal Care

    Here are some suggestions for some of the little items that sometimes we forget about and need. In cold climates its the small items such as hand warmers, gloves, long johns, etc. In hot climates, and believe me it can get unbelievable hot out there, items such as sunblock, chapstick and sunglasses make all the difference. This is all from personal experience and all items that I didn't have my first few deployments. 

    • Sunglasses
    • Sun block
    • Chapstick
    • Lotion
    • Foot Care!!! (Extremely important on deployment) Foot powders, ointments, and lotions.
    • Hand warmers
    • Cotton socks and underwear
    • Gloves
    • Long Johns
    • Toiletries ( toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-Tips, disposable razors, shampoo, etc.)
    • Personal Care Items such as eye drops, baby wipes (baby wipes especially in hot climates) aspirin, feminine hygiene products


    Love From Home

     Sometimes it's the personal touches that really make all the difference. Photos and letters can be just as special as toiletries and games. There are options to upload photos as well as write a letter or two and it is my promise to keep these items personal as they are intended.