Please Tell Me What to Put in a Care Package!

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Loved one deployed overseas? Let Troopster help you figure out what to put in a care package.

With our pre-made care packages, we’ve already gone through the leg work of figuring out the best things to put into care packages.

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We know!

As a veteran-founded and veteran-operated charity, we’ve been there before, and we know what should and shouldn’t go into care packages. And, more importantly, we’ve spent hours on end researching exactly what is and is not allowed to be mailed into every country, so we save you the frustration of dealing with military mail and customs regulations.

What is Troopster?

Troopster is a veteran-founded charity that lets friends, families and supported of deployed service members personalize and send care packages online, so you never have to wait in line at the post office again!

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Stress-free care packages

After sending thousands of care packages overseas and getting tons of feedback from deployed troops, we’ve figured out some of the best items to put into care packages. Our goal is to make the care package process as stress-free as possible.

Can You Personalize Care Packages with Troopster?

Absolutely! While individual preferences vary about what to put in a care package, one thing always stays the same: deployed troops crave items they can use or eat, and especially LOVE photos from home.

Add Photos and Letters from HOME!

With every Troopster care package, you can Add notes and Pictures that give a glimpse of life back home to your deployed loved one.

Stop stressing about what to put in a care package and focus on sending a little slice of home. Let Troopster take care of the rest!

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Words from the founder

Chelsea Mandello


Having been deployed, I know what it is like to be away from your friends and family missing home. I also know the feeling of waiting. Waiting for mail, letters, care packages... waiting for anything that comes from someone you know and that has your name on it.

Care packages were my saving grace during deployments. It is because of my experience both sending and receiving care packages that I work so hard to make sure that Troopster provides support the military community using the expertise of 'Hey that works!' and 'Oh no, that definitely doesn't work!' when it comes to sending care packages.

For Troopster I have measured the melting point of Peeps, come off of 24-hour watchstanding to pack and send care packages to soldier's in Afghanistan and become a pen-pal to Military Spouses for advice on how to get out an excellent care package. With the process of sending a care package to a troop, whether they are deployed or just stationed away from home, is easy and affordable. Skip the post office and hassle of shopping. Trust us and trust me to send a care pack for you!

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