Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner XL

$ 59.99

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Keep your Troop full with every meal of the day. Food, especially deployment food, leaves much to be desired. Many of us end up skipping meals or eating a lot of junk food from nearby vending machines. Keep your Troop full and let them enjoy one of our BLD kits.

This kit includes:

10 - Quaker Instant Oatmeal

10 - Maruchan Ramen Noodles,

4 - Kraft Mac and Cheese Dinner

4 - Velveeta Shells and Cheese,

4 - StarKist Tuna Lunch to Go,

2 - Hormel Compleats Turkey and Dressing,

2 - Chef Boyardee Microwaevables,

2 - Bumble Bee Tuna Lunch Kits,

2 - Tyson Chicken Salad Lunch Kit

10 - Kellogg's Cereals in a Cup

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