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Do you know a military member who enjoys to workout? Need to re-up your protein?Ship the Ultimate Military Workout Pack to any overseas base or ship! This protein-packed kit includes all the essentials that any beginner or advance weightlifter would love to have on deployment.  

This Kit Includes: 

1 - VADE Protein 

1 - Protein Shaker Bottle

1- Strike Force Energy - 10 Packets 

3 - Munk Pack Protein Cookies 

2 - 5-hour Energy

3 - Protein bars


5 PRO Natural Whey Protein Powder

5PRO Nutrition is focused on optimizing the benefits provided by utilizing healthy and natural supplements.  5PRO's line of nutrition removes all the artificial and unnecessary ingredients and only uses quality, clean, natural ingredients in order to fuel your body the right way.  5PRO believes proper nutrition is imperative to reach your goals, maximize athletic performance, and maintain a healthy 5PRO Lifestyle.

Strike Force Energy 

Veteran-owned and inspired by the need to fuel deployed troops, Strike Force Energy is a concentrated energy drink that turns 1/2 liter of your favorite beverage into an energy drink.  It contains caffeine, taurine, B vitamins, and potassium, and it’s the perfect way to kick off a military workout overseas.

Lenny & Larry's Protein Cookies

Finally, a protein cookie that is healthy and still tastes great!  Lenny & Larry's Protein Cookies contain 16 grams of protein.  They are delicious and nutritious and the perfect guilt-free solution to your cookie cravings!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steve Spooner (Corona, US)

I have sent numerous packages to my daughter who is in the Navy (GO USA) from Troopster and can't say enough good things about the company. I have recommended Troopster to other parents and will continue to use them exclusively. The customer service is hands down by far the best that I have ever encountered. They truly do care about you, the package and most importantly, the recipient. If you want a great package, fair pricing and the best customer service, don't use anyone else but Troopster.

Cara Woodley (Jasper, US)

Very disappointed. My husband got his box and said everything in his box was old. He did like the shaker that he got so I give stars for that. He said the protein powder was in a non resealable bag so after one use he pretty much couldn’t use it again.

Hi Cara! Thank you so much for this great and very honest review of this package. We honestly can't thank you enough. Because of this review, we have made steps to change products in this pack, find new alternatives, and update some of our processes for making packs like this better. Without you, we wouldn't have known there was even a problem. :) At Troopster, we're still a small team of three veterans, but thanks to customers like yourself, we're able to learn, grow and make better care packs for those deployed. I hope that your husband had a good deployment, and if there is ever anything else we can do, please let us know! Best regards, Chelsea - Founder and CEO

Martin Mayerchak (Minneapolis, US)

I ordered on Monday for a soldier deploying the next week. They did not pick and ship the order until Friday. Very disappointed in the time it took them to get around to processing this. I went with Troopster because I needed something fairly quickly. I regret not just going to the store myself and buying things and mailing them.

Hi Martin! We wanted to reach out and sincerely thank you for your review. Becuase of your review, we went through and changed the schedule for when we pack, and also updated our operating procedure to help packages like yours. Right now, there is only three of us veterans running Troopster and packing all the care packs, but as we grow we are working to be better for those deployed and their families! :) But we can't be better without knowing what's wrong, and thanks to you and so many others, we are getting better every day. I wish you the best and hope that your troop stayed safe during deployment. If ever we can help, please reach out. Warmest Regards, Chelsea - Founder & CEO