- military care package Microwave Meal
  • - military care package Microwave Meal
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Microwavable Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Microwavable Organic Quinoa and Brown Rice

$ 2.75

Seeds of Change

  • Microwaveable organic quinoa and rice with garlic
  • Ready in 90 seconds
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • USDA Organic 

An ancient grain and staple of Bolivia, quinoa is jam-packed with nutrition and contains a complete protein profile.

High in the Andes mountains of Peru lies the village of cuzco, the epicenter of the ancient Incan Empire. Then, as today, the "Mother Grain of the Incas" — quinoa (keen-wa) — is revered here for its incredible nutritional value and wonderful nutty taste. This is where the inspiration came from to bring this amazing superfood to you in a Cuzco Whole Grain Blend, along with long grain brown rice and a mixture of organic herbs and spices.

They put their hearts and minds into crafting a range of recipes that use only the world's most premium, flavorsome ingredients. And they use only a minimum of those ingredients to ensure the flavors emerge purely and distinctly; the goal is for you to savor the same fresh taste they do while out in the fields.

Seeds of Change® was founded in 1989 with a revolutionary mission: To make organically grown seeds available to gardeners and farmers, while preserving countless heirloom seed varieties in danger of being lost to the "advances" of modern industrial agriculture