The General's Hot Sauce

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The General's Hot Sauce is a veteran-owned small business. This company supports American farmers by only using American grown peppers in their products to produce the highest quality hot sauce. Each bottle is all-natural and contains 86% actual peppers; most other sauces are 20% at best.   

Choose Your Weapon

Dead Read - Made from ripe red cayennes, classic balance of authentic, aged cayenne flavor and heat; the ultimate all-purpose sauce. Medium.

Marine Green - Made from stubborn aged green cayennes that refuse to turn red. Carries a unique, extra tangy flavor that requires less vinegar. Perfect for the breakfast table. Medium. 

Shock & Awe - This sauce is no joke. Sweet citrusy notes at first; then count to five, and the habanero heat boom hits you. Big flavor, bigger heat. Try it in dressings and sauces, ideal in chili too. very hot. 


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