The Gronk Ice Shaker Box (TDC Donation Purchase)

$ 25.50

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Gronk Ice Shaker Box - TDC Duplicate (15% discount and no sales tax)

This kit includes:

1 - Gronk Ice Shaker

1 - Uploaded Photo

10 Pack Strike Force Energy


The Gronk Ice Shaker

Use this industrial-grade protein shaker to fuel even the most intense military workouts.  With Chris Gronkowkski's stainless steel, dual wall shaker, you'll be able to keep your workout mix (protein, pre-workout, BCAAs, etc) ice cold for hours!  Add photos from home and personal notes to make this a perfect pack for you loved one serving overseas!

Want to Donate to a Troop?

If you don't know any service members abroad but would like to donate one of the Gronk Ice Shakers to a troop overseas, please do so with a tax-deductible purchase from our 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, Troopster Donation Corp.

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