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Are you looking for the ultimate care pack to send to your deployed Sailor?  Look no further than Troopster’s Master Chief Pack!  When you need to send in the big guns, you call Master Chief. And, when it comes to big gun snacks on a US Navy ship, you need something delicious and convenient.  So, the Master Chief Pack is loaded with snacks that require a quick shot of hot water and a spoon- nothing more.  Swing through the mess deck or wardroom, hit the hot water maker, and enjoy!

Add a Personal Touch to the Master Chief Pack

Looking for something a little more personal?  Add notes and photos from home to every care pack Troopster makes, including the Master Chief Pack.  As veterans ourselves, we get how much news from home means to deployed troops, so we want to make sure you can send that comfort to your loved ones overseas.

Master Chief Donations

Like the idea of the Master Chief Pack but don’t know anyone currently deployed?  No problem- check out Troopster.  Our 501(c)(3)-registered charitable corporation lets you adopt a Sailor and send a donation care pack overseas.  Thanks for the support!  

Kit includes:

9 - Quaker Instant Oatmeal Packs,

10 - Maruchan Instant Ramen noodles,

12 - Tazo Tea,

5 - Kraft Mac and Cheese,

5 - Land O'Lakes Hot Cocoa Packs,

1 - 12 oz. container of Instant Coffee.

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