The Rangers Lead the Way Pack

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Veteran Owned

Items in this kit include:

1 - KickAss Old Fashion Jerky 3oz

1 - KickAss Teriyaki Snack Sticks

1 - KickAss Garlic Snack Sticks 

1 - KickAss Sausage and Cheddar Cheese Sticks 

1 - KickAss Bacon and Cheddar Stick 

1 - Skittles

1 - Oreos

1 - Twizzlers

1 - Rice Krispies Treat

1 - Trolli Sour Worms

1 - Sour Patch Kids

1 - Flaming Hot Cheetos

1 - Chex Mix

1 - Lifesavers

With the Regiment’s long and storied history, it’s impossible to read about the Army and not come across the phrase, Rangers lead the way!  As such, we at Troopster wanted to celebrate this outstanding tradition by creating a care package befitting a Ranger.  If you have a Soldier deployed overseas, send this protein-packed box of fuel, and you’ll be guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one’s face.  Rangers lead the way!

Can I Personalize the Rangers Lead the Way Pack?

Absolutely!  As a veteran-owned business, we know how important news from home is to morale while deployed.  So, yes, you can add notes and pictures from home to any of our care packages.

Rangers Lead the Way with Donations

If you don’t know anyone overseas but still want to support America’s deployed warriors, check out Troopster, our 501(c)(3)-registered charitable corporation, to adopt a Soldier.